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Climate change is the biggest threat to human civilization as we know it and we need an array of technologies implemented across the economy to tackle the issue. While much more renewables and EVs need to be deployed, many solutions to get to net zero remain out of reach. We are investing in founders developing novel climate technology solutions that have the potential to mitigate emissions  of greenhouse gases or reduce their atmospheric concentration at scale. We are open to pre-seed and seed stage investments in India, US and UK.


Optimus Technologies Logo

Decarbonizing heavy duty vehicles today through the novel Vector system, which allows large diesel vehicles to run on almost 100% biodiesel.

Electric Era Logo

Enabling ubiquitous fast charging through the Power Node battery storage system, which smartly manages peak load and avoids the need for expensive grid upgrades.

Cyanocapture Logo

Capturing CO2 using genetically modified cyanobacteria that can fix carbon at a very high rate from concentrated sources such as fossil fuel power plants.

Phycobloom Logo

Developing novel technology to make algae produce and secrete organic compounds that can be used to make biofuels to decarbonize aviation.

DTE Materials Logo

Manufacturing insulating concrete blocks from forestry and agricultural waste.

Applied Bioplastics Logo

Mitigating emissions from durable plastics manufacturing that uses oil, by replacing it with high quality bioplastics made from agricultural residue.


Scaling high quality nature-based carbon dioxide removal, by using remote sensing and software technology to massively enhance the way we account for and track carbon stocks in nature

Tierra Foods Logo

Monetizing the seed of the carbon rich Ramon tree from the Maya rainforest, thus mitigating emissions through conservation and capturing carbon through agro forestry.

Proeon Logo

Developing and manufacturing plant protein from untapped sources, as alternatives for emissions intensive foods like egg, dairy and meat.

Ecolibrium Logo

Using IOT and data analytics to boost sustainability and efficiency in real assets.

Sniffer Robotics Logo

Automating the detection of methane leaks from landfills with drones and geospatial software.


Biomass electrolysis to produce cost competitive and scalable green hydrogen and chemical byproducts

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